Ali Cat Cedar Rapids Escort

About Ali

"Well behaved women rarely make history." ~Eleanor Roosevelt

About me..... I love music! Music changes everything! I love all kinds of music, but I particularly like Rock from the 60's to current. A child of the 80's, I still love the Hair Bands of the day.

I enjoy reading, when I can find the time. I'm currently immersed in a Fantasy Fiction series about Vampires, Wereanimals, Necromancers and other things that go BANG in the night.

I don't consider myself artistic, but I am definitely crafty! I enjoy making things with my hands and am currently working on a Cross Stitch Christmas Stocking.

Travel. Travel. Travel. Did I mention Travel? I love to travel and look for reasons to be places that involve me traveling to someplace I haven't been. Wanna be a Reason?? Passport seeking stamps....


Some other things you might like to know about me....

Name: Ali Cat

Home City: Cedar Rapids, IA

Age: 51

Sex: Female

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 220

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Bra: 42D

Hair: Blonde-ish

Hair Length: Mid-back

Eyes: Green

Piercings: Ears Only

Languages: English

Body type: Curvy

Enhancement: All Natural

Favorite Flower: Star Gazer Lilies & Gerber Daisies

Home City: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Grooming: Trimmed

Tattoos: None

Smokes: No Cigarettes

Likes: Generous, Spoiling & Respectful Friends, Chocolates, Sense of Humor, Fun Happy People, Positive Energy, A Man That Smells Good

Dislikes: Poor Hygiene, Negotiating, Friends That Don't Show, Negativity

Honorarium Preference: Cash Only

Available To: Men

Dress Size: XXL, 18/20

Shoe Size: 9W

Ring Size: 8 or 9